Organizational Structure


The EAA is governed by a board of directors and is structured organizationally into five functional areas: Executive, Administration & Financial Services, Aquifer Management Services, External & Regulatory Affairs, and the Habitat Conservation Program.


Consisting of the General Manager, Deputy General Manager, and the Executive Assistant, oversees all aspects of the organization.

Administration & Financial Services

Serves the entire staff of the EAA by providing organizational support activities and by ensuring all EAA departments have the supplies, equipment, facilities, and technology available to perform their duties. In addition to meeting the organization’s financial, technological, and human resource needs, the Administration and Financial Services Department also maintains the EAA remote gauging data network. The department consists of Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

Aquifer Management Services

Responsible for all technical matters related to the Aquifer. The department works to protect the quality of the groundwater in the Edwards Aquifer and to manage the resource through the issuance and maintenance of withdrawal permits and enforcement of EAA Rules. The department’s technical functions include administration of EAA water quality regulations, monitoring of Recharge Zone development, spill response, well construction and closure, serving as a resource to other water quality regulatory agencies, and operation of the EAA range management and conservation easement programs. In addition, the department organized and performs the EAA’s compliance, enforcement, and field inspection activities. It also develops and administers hydrogeological research initiatives and collects hydrologic data such as aquifer water levels, surface water spring and groundwater quality samples, and a variety of research – such a tracer testing. The department consists of the Abandoned Well Closure Program, the Aquifer Science Research Program, Data Collection, Range Management, Recharge Zone and Aquifer Protection, Groundwater Permits, and Compliance.

External & Regulatory Affairs

Responsible for increasing the awareness and understanding of the EAA among stakeholders, the regulated community, and the general public through education and outreach efforts that include communicating critical issues and increasing pro-active efforts to build support for the EAA’s mission throughout the region. The department develops and distributes educational materials and programs for all educational levels and ensures quality communication with all levels of government. In addition, the department maintains and increases public awareness and understanding of the EAA and the important issues affecting the Edwards Aquifer system. This includes communicating critical issues to stakeholders, building collaborative partnerships across the region, maintaining communication with elected officials, and educating the public about the aquifer. The department also includes the EAA’s groundwater conservation department and intergovernmental relations team.

Habitat Conservation Program

Responsible for administering and managing all activities related to the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan – including managing and assisting with all EAHCP-related activities of the EAA, the City of San Marcos, the City of New Braunfels, Texas State University, and the San Antonio Water System