Recharge Zone Maps

In an effort to protect and preserve the region’s primary groundwater supply, the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA), regulates certain activities on the recharge zone and the contributing zone of the Edwards Aquifer.  These activities include storage of certain regulated substances, above ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs), spill reporting, and a ban on coal tar sealants in Comal and Hays County.

The map viewer Where is the Recharge Zone? is a convenient way to determine where the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone is located.  In addition, the map viewer EAA Subchapter 713 Regulated Zones is also a convenient way to determine which EAA regulatory program may apply to the recharge zone or the contributing zone of the Edwards Aquifer.   For official determination of which regulatory program may apply please contact EAA Aquifer Protection Program staff.

Users can:

  1. Click on any feature to see a pop-up of information about it including name.
  2. Change the basemap from streets to imagery or topographic by clicking on ‘Basemap’ in the upper left.
  3. Enter places and addresses in the search bar at the upper right of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Legend’ in the upper left to view the colors representing zones on the map.
  5. Click ‘Content’ in the upper left to access options such as turning on and off layers (more options appear when the user clicks the small triangle to the right of the layer name).
  6. Pan and zoom with the mouse buttons and using the + and – signs, then return to default view by clicking the house (home) symbol between the + and -.
  7. On GPS-enabled mobile devices, click the crosshair symbol under the – sign to zoom to current location.


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