Regulated Substances

Registration, Storage, and Planning

The EAA, in an effort to protect and prevent the pollution of the Edwards Aquifer and to preserve existing and potential groundwater use, monitors the storage of regulated substances on the Recharge Zone and specific portions of the Contributing Zone. Facilities in these environmentally sensitive areas are required to register with the EAA if they store an aggregate quantity exceeding 1,000 gallons of regulated substances in containers that are less than 500 gallons in size.  

The map link below has been provided to assist you in determining if your facility is located on the Recharge Zone or on the regulated portion of the Contributing Zone.


To register your facility, please go to our online Regulated Substances Management System and create a user account. 
REGISTRATION FEES HAVE BEEN WAIVED FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2018. Payment options include online payment, personal check, cashier’s check, or money order made out to the Edwards Aquifer Authority. NO CASH PLEASE.  When using the online payment option, please attach the payment receipt to the submitted registration form.
The US Government Publishing Office’s website provides two extensive listings of regulated and hazardous substances.  Here are those links: LIST ONE      LIST TWO

For more information regarding the storage of regulated substances, please see Ch. 713 (Water Quality), Subchapter F (Regulated Substances Registration, Storage, and Planning) of the EAA Rules.

If you have any questions regarding this regulatory process, please contact Mr. Ben Urbanczyk, Recharge Zone Protection Supervisor, at (210) 222-2204 or (800) 292-1047.