Elementary Education

Water Conservation


This presentation of our online e-book and sing-along song teaches young students the concepts of saving water. Additionally, when available, Karston, our loveable, huggable, Texas Blind Salamander can make an appearance. 15-20 minutes


2nd - 3rd

An AquiFriend takes eager students on a journey through the three zones of the aquifer while AquiAgents, threatened/endangered species of the Edwards Aquifer, report on their environmental conditions and the importance of water conservation. A list of the specifics TEKS addressed is available upon request. 30-45 Minutes

About the Aquifer

4th - 8th

EAA staff members provide informative presentations regarding the Edwards Aquifer, including water conservation, geological facts, and an overview of how the Edwards Aquifer works through an explanation of the drainage area, recharge zone, and artesian zone. 30-45 Minutes

Career/Science Days

4th - 12th

Presenters discuss the importance of the Edwards Aquifer, the role of the EAA, and describe their job as it pertains to the management and protection of aquifer. They will also include their educational and professional backgrounds. 30-45 Minutes

Learning Lab

Homeschool/GT classes

Students and educators can come and explore our realistic, in-door cave while discussing the aquifer’s geological make-up, size, and location. Other lessons include the manner of recharge and discharge to and from the aquifer and learn about the endangered species who live there. 45-60 Minutes