Women in Science - Isabel Martinez

Women in Science - Isabel Martinez

Isabel Martinez has been with the Edwards Aquifer Authority for eight years, and serves as the coordinator of conservation programs. Before coming to the EAA, Martinez received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from St. Mary’s University. In addition, she holds her master’s degree in Natural Resource Development from Texas A&M, and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Agriculture from Texas A&M University.

Isabel’s appreciation for the environment began when she held a position studying the effects of air pollution. Then, she went on to complete an internship at the San Antonio Water System which gave her the experience that led to her position at the EAA. As a coordinator of conservation programs at the EAA, she works with permit holders to help them reduce water use. The EAA, along with other agencies who work to protect natural water resources in the area, provide many programs to help permit holders. These programs are set in place to ensure that the water levels within the aquifer stay within acceptable ranges to protect the species that live within the Edwards Aquifer System. In addition, Isabel helps facilitate grant programs within the agency. The grant program helps permit holders conserve water through the purchase of water saving equipment, such as efficient irrigation sprinklers or through the implementation of water saving programs.

Young women and young men are exploring STEM careers more than ever, and bringing awareness to the important role science plays in our everyday lives. That is why Isabel believes in hands on or interactive training opportunities, because it encourages others to guide and mentor young women and men who have an interest in the field of science. It is her hope that people continue to take advantage of these programs to help nurture the next generation of young scientists. Isabel has worked diligently from the moment she decided to obtain her bachelor’s degree in biology, and offers a few key points of advice for those interested in the science field. “Take things day by day, be determined to succeed, and sometimes it may become overwhelming but don’t give up.”

Isabel’s biggest accomplishment is continuing her education and being a role model for her daughters by showing them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. She believes that education, knowledge, and an understanding of the natural resources that surround us are essential to making a difference in the communities we call home.

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