Aquifer Awareness Tools

Through our participation in community events and outreach opportunities, we strive to present a clear, unbiased explanation of the current issues affecting the aquifer, combined with historical information and the most current and relevant scientific research. We encourage a common understanding and appreciation of the resource among the broad and varied interests across the EAA's jurisdictional area.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority manages, enhances, and protects the Edwards Aquifer for approximately 2 million South Central Texans. As a part of the outreach initiatives, the EAA has an interactive, mobile cave display that serves as an educational tool for people of all ages. As you walk through the mobile cave display you are transported into a dim, cave-like environment complete with a motion-triggered audio presentation about the Edwards Aquifer. Upon, exiting you are able to explore the outside of the cave display, which offers visually detailed images of the different regions along with the threatened and endangered species that live in the Edwards Aquifer.