Recharge Zone Kiosk

Our Recharge Zone Kiosk is a touchscreen station that tells the story of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. While you are charging your phone at the kiosk you have access to the following apps:

Photo Booth App

Snap a photo and share it on Facebook to show your support for the EAA.

Web View App

Browse through the EAA’s website and learn more about our agency.

EAA Reader App

Learn about the EAA by reading through our informative brochures, which highlight key facts about our agency.

Image Gallery App

View scenic photos of places throughout our jurisdiction.

Video App

Watch an array of videos that showcase educational information regarding the Edwards Aquifer and the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

Twitter App

Stay up to date with the latest EAA related information by scrolling through our live twitter feed.

If you experience any issues or have questions in regards to the display, please contact us at: Call us at 210-222-2204 or e-mail us