Interactive Historical Charts

This tool can be used to display an interactive line graph of well or spring readings between 2 selected dates. By clicking and dragging your mouse in the plot area, you are able zoom in on the displayed data as well. You also have the option to print the resulting chart, or download an image or vector file in the following formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG. Click on the corresponding icon located in the upper right corner of the line graph that is generated.

Use the following steps to generate your graph:

  1. Select the well or spring you want the line graph to display and click Continue
  2. On the next page, select your date ranges. Pay attention to the allowed date range for the respective well or spring. Then click Continue.
  3. Your chart will be generated and displayed. Interact with the chart by dragging your mouse in the plot area to zoom in on the data. Print or download an image of the resulting chart as needed.
  4. To create a new chart, click on the "Create New Chart" button.
Select Well or Spring: