ASR Leasing & Pooling Programs

The EAA offers permit holders two mutually beneficial programs that support our commitment to assist with the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) component of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Program (EAHCP) while providing financial compensation to the permit holder. These two options are the ASR Leasing Program and the ASR Pooling Program.  Each year, the EAA makes a determination on how much leased or pooled Edwards Aquifer water the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is authorized to inject into thier SAWS ASR facility is south Bexar County for storage in the local Carrizo Aquifer.  This stored water is earmarked for recovery and distribution during severe drought conditions to offset aquifer pumping.

Note: These programs authorize SAWS to make municipal withdrawals from the leased and pooled permits, so base irrigation groundwater (BIG) cannot be accepted for these ASR programs.
More information on these programs can be found here.   

ASR Leasing Program
ASR Leasing offers opportunities to enter into lease agreements of 1-year (auto renewing), 5-year and 10-year terms for fixed amounts of unrestricted groundwater rights.  This program is designed for permit holders who know they will not need that leased portion of their permitted rights for the duration of the lease term.  This program pays $120, $140, and $160 per acre-foot leased, per year, for the 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year lease terms, respectively.  It is also important to remember that EAA pays the Aquifer Management Fees on the leased amounts for the duration of the lease term.
The following are key program documents for the ASR Leasing Program
ASR Enrollment Form
ASR Lease Agreement (1-year, auto-renewing)
ASR Lease Agreement (5 or 10 year leases)
ASR Pooling Program (ASRPP)
ASR Pooling offers a unique opportunity to contribute the un-pumped or ‘conserved’ unrestricted authorized groundwater remaining in your permit(s) at the end of the calendar year.  This amount is used to offset ASR regional contributions and supplement the ASR Leasing program.  When you participate in the pooling program, you have no obligation or commitment to the EAA, and may pump or market your groundwater rights as you wish.  Any portion of your unrestricted groundwater that remains in your authorized permit(s) is contributed to the pool and, together with other program participants, are used to offset same-year pumping. Program participants are paid at a rate of $50 per acre-foot of that portion of their conserved rights used for pooling purposes.  This program is designed for all permit holders with unrestricted groundwater withdrawal rights and there is no commitment or obligation to participate.
The following are key program documents for the ASR Pooling Program
Pooling Master Agreement 
Pooling Program Summary
Pooling Enrollment Form
Pooling Opt-Out Notification Form
ASRPP Brochure
Payment Documents
Payment documents are required from any permit holder who enters into an agreement and receives payment from the EAA.  These documents are required for taxing and conflict of interest purposes. 
W9 Form (Form W9)
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ)