Preventing Contamination

Responsible well ownership begins with you.  If you don’t want to drink it, don’t put it near your well or on the ground where harmful contaminants can flow down into your water supply.

Keep at least 50 feet around your well free from chemicals, equipment storage, and recreational activities.  Also, keep septic leach fields or spray areas, animal enclosures, manure/compost piles, chemical/fuel storage, machinery maintenance and auto repair activity at least 150 feet from your well.

Additionally, you can protect your well from physical damage and costly repairs by building a small structure or fence around it, allowing access for maintenance and repairs.  Securing the entrance to the enclosure helps protect your well from possible intruders such as pets, livestock, and other animals.

Guide to Responsible Well Ownership

For other helpful tips on well ownership, download or view our  Guide to Responsible Well Ownership below.

EAA’s Guide to Responsible Well Ownership: Protecting Your Water