Abandonded Well Fund

Properly closing abandoned water wells can be a costly project. The EAA recognizes that well owners experiencing financial hardship may have difficulty plugging their well. Consequently, the EAA has developed an Abandoned Well Closure Assistance Program (AWCAP) to provide financial assistance for well-plugging activities to well owners with a demonstrated financial need in permanently plugging their well. Well owners who wish to participate in this program are asked to submit information regarding annual household income and certain targeted assets to allow the EAA’s third party contractor to perform an assessment and rank your financial need.

Based on this ranking, the EAA can offer financial assistance and will contract with pre-qualified Texas licensed water well driller to perform all activities necessary to plug your well. The level of assistance offered will be based on your demonstrated financial need as compared to benefit levels currently established for this program. You may call Ms. Stephnie Martin, Compliance Coordinator at (210) 222-2204 to obtain more information about the AWCAP.