Well Inspection

As part of our mission to protect our region’s primary water resource, the EAA routinely performs inspections of water wells within our jurisdiction that withdraw water from the Edwards Aquifer.  Wells in poor condition—that are improperly constructed or maintained, neglected, abandoned, or located dangerously close to contamination sources—pose a significant risk of contamination to the Aquifer.  Therefore, periodic inspections are recommended as a preventive measure.

EAA field representatives will make every effort to contact well owners and schedule an appointment to discuss and/or inspect a well.  If you are an Edwards Aquifer well owner and you would like to schedule an inspection, please click here to request an appointment.

To verify whether you have an Edwards Aquifer well, to report an abandoned well, or if you have any questions, please call the EAA’s Aquifer Protection Team at (210) 222-2204 or (800) 292-1047.  
To access Frequently Asked Questions on the Well Inspection Process, click here.