Our Projects


Edwards Aquifer Authority Education Outreach Center at Ultra-Accessible™ Morgan’s Wonderland Camp

The $2.5 million EAA Education Outreach Center will encompass 3,500 square feet and feature unique learning experiences that will broaden imaginations through participation in innovative STEM opportunities with an inclusive mindset. The EAA Education Program strives to educate and inform minds – because with the minds of many, great things are possible!  For the next 25 years the EAA pledges to serve more students and have a positive impact throughout the region. A permanent location for a dedicated EAA Education Outreach Center at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp will give the EAA a platform to educate up to 500 students per day. Read more about it on our press release.


Field Research Observatory

Edwards Aquifer Authority Education Field Research Observatory

A hallmark of the Edwards Aquifer Authority has been its commitment to research. The opportunity to elevate our research capabilities to new heights presents itself in the placement of a state-of-the art field research observatory in northern Bexar County, on a city of San Antonio-owned parcel of property adjacent to the soon-to-be-built Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, over a portion of the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer. Read more about it.

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