2023 Notice of Intent to Finish Out a Crop (NIFC) Calculator

This auto-fill calculator allows you to predict your possible end-of-year authorized groundwater withdrawal amount by allowing you to forecast future critical period days while also taking into account the current total number of days a Critical Period Management (CMP) Stage has been in effect in the San Antonio and Uvalde Pools. To use, simply select the pool for your area, and the program will automatically display the stages and applicable reduction rates to date. To calculate your reduction, enter your authorized groundwater withdrawal amount, then enter the current total number of days a Stage of CPM has been in effect in the appropriate CPM Stage fields (as displayed on the table to the right) and add the total number of days that are left within the year in the CPM Stage fields as you predict that they may occur, once complete click the Calculate button. Your new authorized amount is displayed in red. Reset the calculator each time to repeat the process as necessary.

Calculated Results:
Irrigator's Current CPM Status Pending acre-ft.
NIFC Eligibility (Irrigator is eligible only if over) Pending acre-ft.
Current Compliance (without CPM reduction) Pending acre-ft.
SA Pool
Stage % Days in Stage Start End Reduction
Stage 3 35.0% 90 01/01/2023 03/31/2023 8.63%
90 8.63%
Future CPM Days
Stage Start End Count
Stage 3 01/01/2023 03/31/2023 90