Reporting Your Use

Reading and understanding your water meter is important in tracking and managing your groundwater use. As a permit holder, you are required to record how much Edwards Aquifer groundwater you use on a monthly and annual basis, and to report this information to the EAA each year. These reports should include meter readings for the amount of groundwater pumped from your well(s). Monitoring and accounting for your groundwater use throughout the year helps the EAA manage the aquifer, and can help you avoid pumping more than your annual authorized withdrawal amount.

Determining Your Water Use

As outlined in EAA rules, all permit holders or contract users are required to accurately read each well’s meter on both a monthly and annual basis. To determine monthly use, subtract the first reading from the second reading. To determine annual use, subtract the January 1 meter reading from the December 31 meter reading from the annual groundwater withdrawal report. The calculated amount is the annual water use for that year. That number is also the beginning meter reading for the following year.