San Marcos Gambusia - Edwards Aquifer Authority

San Marcos Gambusia

ESA Status: Endangered Species

Description: The San Marcos Gambusia is usually plain marked with lemon yellow,bright yellowish-orange, or bluish coloring (USFWS 1996). Like other members of the gambusia family, it produces live offspring. Listed as endangered by the TPWD and the USFWS, this species has not been seen since 1983; therefore, either very few San Marcos gambusia exist or they may already be extinct.

Size: Range in size from 1.0 to 1.5 inches with adult females being larger than males (Schenck and Whiteside 1976).

Habitat: San Marcos Springs aquatic ecosystem. San Marcos Springs aquatic ecosystem. The San Marcos gambusia prefers the quiet, shallow, thermally constant, waters of the San Marcos River. Historically, they are found in the upper portion of the San Marcos River.