Edwards Aquifer Authority Data Management Plan

Author Edwards Aquifer Authority
Year 2003
Description Description the objective, tasks, and database structure for the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s data management system
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment
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The Edwards Aquifer Authority (Authority), its predecessor agency (the Edwards Underground Water District; EUWD), and their contractors maintain an extensive data collection program that generates a large volume of data. The program has generated data such as water levels, water quality analyses, elevation survey measurements, rainfall measurements, and other information related to the Edwards Aquifer. Early data were stored in paper files and reports, and subsequent data were stored in spreadsheets. Currently, there is no single repository for data collected by the Authority. This plan was written to design and implement a data management system that will be used by the Authority in the future. It includes historical as well as current data. The scope of the system includes both hard copy files and computerized data storage and retrieval. The system fulfills one of the requirements of the Strategic Plan 2002-2006 that was adopted by the Authority in 2002. In addition, it will reflect requirements generated by the Data Management team.

This plan describes the objective, tasks, and database structure for the data management system.