Records of Precipitation, Aquifer Head, and Ground-Water Recharge to the Edwards and Associated Limestones, San Antonio Area, Texas, 1972-73

Author Puente C (US Geological Survey)
Year 1974
Description Annual report for 1972-73 on precipitation, aquifer levels, and recharge to the Edwards Aquifer issued by the Edwards Underground Water District
Report Number Bulletin 33
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Edwards Aquifer Balcones Fault Zone San Antonio Segment
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Records of precipitation, water levels, and estimates of recharge to the Edwards and associated limestones in the San Antonio area during 1972-73 are summarized in this report.

Rainfall for 1972 was near average at most of the stations in the San Antonio area. During 1973, a new annual rainfall record of 52.28 inches was recorded at the San Antonio station, and rainfall was well above average at selected stations throughout the area.

Ground-water storage in the Edwards and associated limestones was well above average during 1972-73.

Recharge in 1972 and 1973 was in excess of the average annual recharge. During 1973, the recharge was in excess of the average annual recharge by nearly 955,000 acre-feet, or about 180 percent of the annual average.