Appendix B A Report Investigating Impacts of Aquifer Pumping Limits on Flow of Comal Springs and San Marcos Springs

Author LBG-Guyton Associates
Year 2000
Description Use of GWSIM-IV model to determine effects of various pumpage reductions on springflow at Comal and San Marcos Springs
Publisher LBG Guyton Associates
Location Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment, Comal Springs, San Marcos Springs
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LBG-Guyton Associates was contracted by Hicks Environmental to do a series of model runs with the Edwards Aquifer model (in GWSIM-IV) to determine the impact on Comal and San Marcos springflows of various pumpage reduction strategies. This investigation is part of the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) study being conducted for the Edwards Aquifer Authority {EAA). This work was conducted under project number 99227.

Several different scenarios were modeled to determine the impact of reductions of different types of pumpage on springflows. The scenarios modeled included:

  1. Equal pumpage reductions across the model area
  2. Reduction of irrigation pumpage only
  3. Reduction of municipal and industrial pumpage only
  4. Reduction of irrigation pumpage in Medina County only
  5. Reduction of irrigation pumpage in Uvalde County only

This report details the methodology used to make the model simulations, the assumptions used, and gives the results of the simulations and a discussion on the meaning of these results.