Appendix C of Edwards Aquifer Authority Hydrologic Data Report for 2013

Author Tremallo RL, Hamilton JM, Johnson S, Esquilin R, Burgoon C, Gregory D, Luevano G, Schwarz M, Marsalia T, Mireles J, Gloyd R, and Schindel GM
Year 2014
Description Appendix C of annual report for 2013 on recharge, discharge, water levels and water quality in the Edwards Aquifer San Antonio Region
Report Number Appendix C
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer-San Antonio Region
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This report presents results of the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s (EAA’s) Edwards Aquifer Data Collection Program for calendar year 2013. The report also provides a summary of events that were considered significant and that may have affected the Edwards Aquifer during the year. During 2013, the EAA collected a wide variety of Edwards Aquifer related data, including: Groundwater level data; Precipatation measurement data; Groundwater recharge data; Groundwater discharge and usage data; and Water quality data from groundwater, surface water, and springs