Draft 30-Year Water Supply Plan

Author Edwards Aquifer Authority
Year 2001
Description Draft of 30-year water supply plan for 2000-2030 as part of the Authority's Comprehensive Water Management Plan, adapted from the pertinent parts of the South Central Texas Regional Water Plan
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer Authority Jurisdiction
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…The Authority has adopted the recommendations presented in the South Central Texas Regional Water Plan [SCTRWP] as the 30-year water supply plan component of the Authority’s Comprehensive Water Management Plan. Relevant information has been extracted from the regional water plan for the portion of the South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Area that is within the Authority’s jurisdiction. This includes information pertaining to currently available water supply, projected water demands, projected water supply needs, and recommended strategies and their estimated costs. The Authority has adopted the recommendations presented in the SCTRWP with the understanding that regional water supply planning is a dynamic process and that SCTRWP is to be updated at a minimum every five years. Accordingly, water management strategies recommended for implementation may be modified to reflect changing conditions or new information. Also, it is understood that other water management strategies that are of interest to the Authority will continue to be evaluated for possible inclusion in the SCTRWP and the Authority’s water supply plan in the future.

In preparing this plan, the Authority relied on published information contained in the “initially prepared” draft and final draft of the SCTRWP and its appendices. In addition, extensive coordination occurred with South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group’s engineering and planning contractor to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in the Authority’s water supply plan.

The Authority’s 30-year water supply plan is organized into three sections. Section 2.0 presents an overview of projected water demand and currently available water supply for the Authority’s jurisdictional area. Also presented is a summary of water supply needs derived from the comparison of estimates of currently available water supply with projected water demands. This supply/demand analysis is presented for a “baseline scenario” of 340,000 acre-feet per year of withdrawals from the Edwards Aquifer, which is the water availability scenario adopted for planning purposes and used in the SCTRWP.

Section 3.0 of this plan provides a summary of water management strategies currently underway and the water management strategies recommended in the SCTRWP for implementation within the Authority’s jurisdictional area. This includes information regarding the quantities and timing of water supplies to be provided by each strategy.

Section 4.0 presents a summary of the water supply plan for the Edwards Aquifer Region as presented in the adopted water plan for the South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Area.