EAA 2016 Precipitation in the Edwards Aquifer Region

Author EAA
Year 2017
Description Precipitation in the Edwards Aquifer Region from 2016 Hydrologic Data Report on recharge, discharge, water levels and water quality in the Edwards Aquifer San Antonio Region
Publisher EAA
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The Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) monitors precipitation throughout the region using a network of 74 real-time rain gauges. Rainfall data is used as input for watershed computer models that can provide estimates of monthly recharge to the aquifer. Collected over several years or decades, the extensive database of rainfall information can also be useful for monitoring climate trends, evaluating relationships between rainfall and aquifer levels, or for understanding how global-scale phenomena such as “El Nino” (which refers to aboveaverage sea surface temperatures in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean) may affect rainfall in Central Texas.