EAA Hydrologic Data Report 2016 Recharge

Author EAA
Year 2017
Description Hydrologic Data Report 2016 Recharge from 2016 Hydrologic Data Report on recharge, discharge, water levels and water quality in the Edwards Aquifer San Antonio Region
Publisher EAA
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Recharge to the Edwards Aquifer originates as precipitation over the drainage area and recharge zone of the aquifer or as interformational flow from adjacent aquifers. The EAA maintains a joint funding agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to provide surface recharge estimates for eight of the nine major drainage basins with streams that flow on to the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone (Figure 1). Recharge is estimated using a water-balance method that relies on precipitation and streamflow measurements across the region. Based on the USGS methodology, the Guadalupe River Basin does not appear to provide significant recharge to the Edwards Aquifer, so recharge is not estimated for that drainage basin.