Edwards Aquifer Authority Aquifer Science Research Program Plan 2008-2013

Author Edwards Aquifer Authority
Year 2009
Description Edwards Aquifer Authority Aquifer Science Research Program Plan for 2008-2013
Report Number 09-01
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer Authority Jurisdiction
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The Edwards Aquifer is a complex system, and to understand the aquifer adequately requires accurate and timely research and data collection. This report summarizes the inception of the Authority’s Aquifer Science Research Program {ASRP), which is a natural outgrowth of the Authority’s former research program known as Optimization Technical Studies (OTS). The OTS were performed under the Edwards Aquifer Optimization Program (EAOP) as summarized by Todd Engineers, 1999.

The ASRP is managed by the Authority with input from an outside panel of experts referred to as the Aquifer Science Advisory Panel (ASAP), as well as continued input from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which helped the Authority develop the

original OTS. The ASRP differs from the OTS in that the Authority received input from the TAG and the ASAP in relation to research project development and review. The ASRP is also limited to research projects related directly to the Authority’s Aquifer Science Program, whereas the OTS included projects outside the scope of the Aquifer Science Program. The Authority’s board of directors has final approval over all projects prior to initiation.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority Aquifer Science Research Program Plan 2006-2011 {ASRPP-2006), which was released in November 2006, documents the Authority’s transition from the OTS to the ASRP. The Aquifer Science Research Program Plan 2008-2013 (ASRPP-2008), the first update and revision to the ASRPP-2006, contains information on the status of existing research programs, as well as new research initiatives….

In order for the various projects associated with the ASRP to be documented, summary tables are provided in each section, whereas detailed descriptions are provided in the appendices. Appendix A provides detailed descriptions of proposed and active ASRP projects (some of which began as OTS projects), and completed projects (ASRP and OTS) are summarized in Appendix B.