Edwards Aquifer Authority Groundwater Management Plan 1998-2008

Author Edwards Aquifer Authority
Year 1998
Description Groundwater management plan for the Edwards Aquifer Authority for 1998-2008 Note: This report is included for its historical value but has been replaced by a more recent study.
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer Authority Jurisdiction
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The Edwards Aquifer Authority has prepared this Groundwater Management Plan to fulfill the requirements of the Brown-Lewis Water Plan and associated TWDB rules (Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 356). In addition, this plan is the first step towards fulfilling the requirements of the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s enabling statute (73rd Texas Legislature, S.B. 1477 as amended, herein  referred to as the EAA Act), which also requires the Edwards Aquifer Authority to develop and implement a comprehensive management plan.

As required by TWDB rules, the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s groundwater management plan was developed with a 10-year planning period. However, it is likely this plan will be revisited and substantially revised much sooner to incorporate new information, as well as new policy and program mJUauves. Specifically, it is expected that the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s groundwater management plan will be amended to include relevant portions of, and ensure consistency with, the regional water management plan also mandated by the Brown-Lewis Water Plan.

Table of Contents

1.0  Introduction

2.0  About the Edwards Aquifer Authority

3.0  Description of the Planning Area

4.0  Goals, Management Objectives and Performance Standards

5.0  Meeting Future Water Supply Needs

6.0  On Going Planning Functions of the Edwards Aquifer Authority