Edwards Aquifer Authority Synoptic Water Level Program 2005-2009 Water Level Data

Author R Esquilin, JM Hamilton and GM Schindel
Year 2012
Description 2005-2009 synoptic water level study
Report Number 12-02
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment
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[Excerpted from Summary and Conclusions]
…[T]he study indicates that localized variations exist in the aquifer’s flow regime, with the most prominent variations apparently occurring between recharge and artesian zones. The study has also confirmed the need to continue collecting focused synoptic data so that more insight might be gained with regard to flowpaths within the aquifer. Variations detected in the recharge zone of Bexar County confirm the efficacy of additional data points (see Figure 5).

This study has also effectively identified areas in need of more detailed investigation, such as the Knippa Gap, the Cibolo Creek area, and the interface between the Trinity and Edwards aquifers, as well as the recharge- and artesian-zone boundary within the Edwards Aquifer.