Edwards Underground Water District: Created to Conserve, Protect and Preserve the Edwards Aquifer

Author Edwards Underground Water District
Year 1989
Description History and overview of the Edwards Aquifer and the Edwards Underground Water District
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location EUWD Jurisdiction
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Ground water is one of Texas’ most valuable resources. About 70% of the water currently used in Texas is ground water. Recognizing the significance of this resource, the state took steps to provide for the protection of ground water through the enactment of the Underground Water Conservation Districts Act in 1949. The Act provided for the creation of underground water districts as a means of local self-government and management of water resources.

The state also enacted legislation establishing special law districts for the protection and conservation of ground water resources in particular regions. One such special law is the enabling statute of the Edwards Underground Water District (EUWD).

The Edwards Underground Water District was created in 1959 to conserve, protect and preserve the Edwards Aquifer.

One of the most productive aquifers in the southwestern United States, it currently supplies high-quality water to over one million people for municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational purposes. Since its creation, the EUWD has been fulfilling its responsibilities by undertaking programs for monitoring water quality, enhancing aquifer recharge and encouraging conservation. The District has also led efforts to plan for water resources of the aquifer region.