Leak Detection/Location Survey Report for Southwest Texas State University, Hays County, Texas, April 22, 1996-July 26, 1996

Author JR Shipley (Edwards Aquifer Authority)
Year 1996
Description Leak detection and location survey report for Southwest Texas State University, April 22, 1996-July 26, 1996. Note: this function was taken over by the San Antonio Water System in 2006.
Publisher Edwards Aquifer Authority
Location Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
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On April 19, 1996, the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) received a request from Southwest Texas State University (SWT) to perform a leak detection I location survey on its water distribution system. A pre-survey conference was held April 22, 1996, at the Southwest Texas Physical Plant to discuss the work to be performed. It was agreed that EAA would perform sonic leak detection on all available access points and computerized leak location as needed. A final report, including any unusual system condition found, and an updated master water plat would be submitted to the SWT at the conclusion of the survey.

James R. Shipley of EAA began the survey on April 22, 1996. The survey was concluded on July 26, 1996. Over the course of the survey, EAA surveyed a total of 468 access points including 102 service connections, 21 fire hydrants, 183 valves, and 162 other access points covering 10.17 miles of distribution main.

Mr. Shipley detected a total of 52 leaks. These leaks included 11 service leaks, 10 hose bib leaks, 11 main leaks, 10 valve leaks, 3 toilet leaks, 4 sprinkler system leaks, 2 miscellaneous leaks and 1 fire hydrant leak. EAA estimates 76,217 gallons of water per day has been lost from these leaks. The leaks discovered during the survey range from 25,920 gallons per day to small hose bib leaks.

As part of the survey, EAA located 78 valves of various types, 6 back flow preventors, 1 fire hydrant, and 7 meters not shown on the master water plats. EAA surveyors were unable to locate 13 valves of various types shown on the master water plats. An additional 6 items were discovered to need some type of repair or adjustment.