Leak Detection Survey Report for Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos: June 14, 1993-June 18, 1993

Author Edwards Underground Water District Division of Planning and Environmental Management Leak Detection Program
Year 1993
Description Leak detection and location survey report for Southwest Texas State University, June 14-18, 1993. Note: this function was taken over by the San Antonio Water System in 2006.
Report Number 93-04
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
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On June 3, 1993, the Edwards Underground Water District (EUWD) received a completed application form from Southwest Texas State University requesting a leak detection/location survey on its water distribution system. A pre-survey conference was held June 11, 1993 at the University Physical Plant to discuss the work to be performed.

It was agreed that EUWD would perform sonic leak detection on all available access points, computerized leak location as needed, record any unusual system conditions found, and submit to the University a revised master water plat with the final report.

John E. Gapinski of EUWD began the survey on June 14, 1993, and the survey was concluded on June 18, 1993. over the course of the survey, EUWD surveyed a total of 185 access points including 147 valves, 17 fire hydrants, 9 service connections, and 12 other access points covering 8.05 miles of distribution mains. Computer leak sound correlation was performed on 4 locations.

EUWD technicians detected a total of 8 leaks. This total included 4 main line leaks, 2 fire hydrant leaks, 1 meter box leak, and 1 valve leak. EUWD estimates 298,080 gallons of water per day has been saved by the repair of 3 detected leaks as of June 18, 1993. The leaks discovered during the survey range from 126,720 gallons per day to a small meter box leak.

As part of the survey, EUWD noted 12 main valves and 1 fire hydrant that could not be located. Additionally, two valve stacks need repair and two are missing lids.