New Braunfels-San Marcos Surface Water Development

Author Hunter Associates, Inc
Year 1988
Description Discussion of developing surface water as a supplementary water source for New Braunfels and San Marcos Note: This document is included for its historical value.
Publisher Cities of New Braunfels and San Marcos TX, Edwards Underground Water District
Location New Braunfels, TX
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When considering the advantages and disadvantages of developing surface water supply and treatment facilities, several factors, which will potentially affect the feasibility of the project become very apparent. Some of these factors are:

1) There is no less expensive source of water than the Edwards Aquifer, provided that the quality of the water in the aquifer remains good and the availability remains plentiful.

2) The development of a surface water supply cannot compete with Edwards Well water on a cost-effectiveness basis.

3) If there is sufficient desire for the New Braunfels Utilities to develop a surface water supply, as a second water supply source, it can be accomplished based on water rate increases of 15 cents to 45 cents per thousand gallons, depending upon the alternative plant capacity selected.

4) The required rate increase for customers of the New Braunfels Utilities would not be affected significantly by New Braunfels’ development of the system, as opposed to New Braunfels Utilities participation in a regional project. However, the other participants in the regional project could be affected significantly by New Braunfels’ participation, due to the “economy of scale” of the project.

5) Development of the project by GBRA, with participation by New Braunfels Utilities could be advantageous to both entities for the following reasons:

a) New Braunfels’ Bonding Capacity would not be used to develop the project.

b) GBRA could possibly utilize “Run-of-the River” permits and thus reduce the raw water cost by not taking total flows from storage at Canyon Dam.