Quantity and Quality of Low Flow in the Hondo Creek Basin, Texas March 27-28, 1968

Author Reeves WE and Rettman PL (US Geological Survey)
Year 1969
Description Low-flow study of Hondo Creek Basin, TX March 27-28, 1968
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Hondo Creek Basin
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…This investigation was made to determine the changes in quantity and quality of low flow in the reach of Hondo Creek that contributes recharge to the Edwards and associated limestones….

A determination of the gains and losses in a 29.5-mile reach of Hondo Creek near Hondo, Texas, was made on March 27-28, 1968. A net loss of 106 cfs (cubic feet per second) occurred in the reach (site 2 to site 8) that contributes recharge to the Edwards and associated limestones. These losses were greater than those that occurred during the previous low-flow investigation in April 1958. The quality of water showed a general improvement downstream except for sites on and downstream from Verde Creek.