Records of Ground-Water Recharge, Discharge, Water Levels and Chemical Quality of Water for the Edwards Aquifer in the San Antonio Area, Texas, 1934-79.

Author Reeves RD, Maclay RW, Grimm KC and Davis MF (US Geological Survey)
Year 1981
Description Title page: Compilation of Hydrologic Data for the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio Area, Texas, 1934-79. Annual hydrologic report issued by the Edwards Underground Water District.
Report Number Bulletin 39
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Edwards Aquifer - San Antonio Area
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The average annual ground-water recharge to the Edwards aquifer in the San Antonio area, Texas, from 1934 through 1979, was 598,800 acre-feet. The recharge in 1979 was 1,117,800 acre-feet, which was the fifth highest estimated recharge since 1934. A maximum annual recharge of 1,711,200 acre- feet occurred in 1958, and a minimum annual recharge of 43,700 acre-feet occurred in 1956.

The estimated annual discharge by wells and springs in 1979 was 914,500 acre-feet . A maximum annual discharge of 960,900 acre-feet occurred in 1977, and a minimum annual discharge of 388,800 acre-feet occurred in 1955.

During 1979, water levels in wells in the Edwards aquifer fluctuated near record highs; consequently, the volume of ground water in storage in the aquifer also was near the record high.

Analyses of water samples from 77 wells and 3 springs show no evidence of significant degradation of water quality in the Edwards aquifer, and the data show no trend of degradation in water quality.