Records of Precipitation, Aquifer Head, and Ground-Water Recharge to the Edwards and Associated Limestones, San Antonio Area, Texas, 1970

Author Puente C (US Geological Survey)
Year 1971
Description Annual report for 1970 on precipitation, aquifer levels, and recharge to the Edwards Aquifer issued by the Edwards Underground Water District
Report Number Bulletin 27
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Edwards Aquifer Balcones Fault Zone San Antonio Segment
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Records of precipitation, water levels, and estimates of recharge to the Edwards and associated limestones in the San Antonio area during 1970 are summarized in this report.

Rainfall for 1970 was below average throughout most of the recharge area. The water levels fluctuated just below the record high, owing to recharge from high flood runoff during intense storms.  Groundwater storage in the Edwards Limestone remained above average during 1970. The estimated recharge was 661,600 acre-feet, which is about 30 percent above the average recharge for the period 1934-69.