Report of the Technical Data Review Panel on the Water Resources of the South Central Texas Region

Author Edwards Underground Water District Technical Data Review Panel
Year 1992
Description Assessment and gap analysis of the Edwards Underground Water District Technical Data Review Panel on historical data for water use, water quality, and water supply Note: This report is included for its historical value and may have been replaced by more recent studies.
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location South Central Texas
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… The report of the Technical Review Panel is thus intended as a guide to the availability and reliability principally of water quantity, use and supply data. The report does not pretend to offer the “correct” data. Rather it familiarizes the reader with the underlying methodologies used to collect and/ or to estimate data which arc central to any planning or policy development efforts for the use of Edwards waters. It should be clearer from this review what the data does and does not say and what are the gaps in existing information. A concluding section makes several suggestions for further technical studies to revise particular methodologies, enhance collection efforts or review the uses to which data are put in a policy context.