Soil Gas Survey and Soil Sample Analyses of Former Gensco, Inc Site and Properties Adjacent to Taylor Slough Uvalde, Texas / Edwards Underground Water District Field Investigation July 1988 through October 1988

Author Chen & Associates
Year 1989
Description Report on field study of volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminants in soil at the former Gensco, Inc site in Uvalde, TX
Publisher Chen & Associates / Edwards Underground Water District
Location Uvalde
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A series of soil gas surveys and a soil sampling event was conducted on properties adjacent to Taylor Slough in Uvalde, Texas from July through October 1988. The focus of these investigative efforts was the site of the former Gensco, Inc. pipe finishing facility. The purpose of the investigation was to assess potential source(s) of volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination to the Edwards and Leona aquifers.

Results of the survey indicate the presence of VOC in soil gas beneath the study area. The·highest VOC concentrations were detected beneath the site of the former Texas Industrial Services property west of the Taylor Slough. Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) is the predominant contaminant of these shallow soil gases.

An area of relatively high PCE concentrations in soil gas was found within the former Gensco Inc. site. These concentrations were three orders of magnitude less than those found under the former Texas Industrial Services site. Cores obtained from this area were tested by field head space and laboratory analyses.  Head space analyses confirmed the presence of PCE.  Laboratory analyses revealed the presence of only acetone and xylenes.