South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Area 2011 Regional Water Plan Volume I Executive Summary and Regional Water Plan

Author South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group, HDR Engineering, Inc, Laura Raun Public Relations, Ximenes & Associates and San Antonio River Authority
Year 2010
Description Volume 1 of the 2011 South Central Texas Regional Water Plan. Note: This report is included for its historical value but has been replaced by the Texas Water Plan.
Report Number HDR-07755-93053-10
Publisher South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group (SCTRWPG)) / HDR Engineering, Inc
Location South Central Texas
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Executive Summary and Regional 2011 water plan for South Central Texas as required by law.
Topics include:

  • Description of South Central Texas Region
  • Population and Water Demand Projections
  • Water Supply Analyses
  • Identification, Evaluation, and Selection of Water Management Strategies Based on Needs
  • Impacts of Water Management Strategies on Key Parameters of Water Quality and Moving Water from
  •    Rural and Agricultural Areas
  • Water Conservation and Drought Management Recommendations
  • Consistency with Long-Term Protection of the State’s Water, Agricultural, and Natural Resources
  • Policies and Recommendations
  • Water Infrastructure Funding Recommendations
  • Regional Water Plan Adoption
  • Appendices