Staff report to Board of Directors of the Edwards Underground Water District: Urban Development on the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Author Kipp GK, Farrington PT and Albach MJ (Edwards Underground Water District)
Year 1993
Description EUWD staff recommendations to the EUWD Board regarding potential cumulative impact of development over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
Report Number 93-09
Publisher Edwards Underground Water District
Location Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment, Recharge Zone
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A recent increase in development activities on the ERZ [Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone] has heightened concerns by District staff that the current mechanisms in place to protect the Edwards aquifer from degradation associated with urbanization are not adequate. Staff believes that the cumulative impact on the Edwards aquifer of the various types of development – and their associated risks – is not currently being addressed. The lack of adequate comprehensive standards and regulatory controls to protect the aquifer against water quality degradation, coupled with the rapid pace of development over the ERZ at this time, and presumably for some time to come, suggests that degradation of water in the Edwards aquifer is imminent. Swift actions to implement more accurate impact assessment procedures and more stringent standards and controls on development activities are crucial if the District is to uphold its enabling legislation and resolutions adopted for the purpose of protecting the quality of the Edwards aquifer.