Statistical Summary of Water-Quality Data Collected from Selected Wells and Springs in the Edwards Aquifer Near San Antonio, Texas

Author Wells FC (in cooperation with the Edwards Underground Water District)
Year 1985
Description Compilation and descriptive statistics of water contaminants monitored in the Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment, from 1973-1982
Report Number USGS O-FR 85-182
Publisher US Geological Survey
Location Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, San Antonio Segment
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Statistical summaries of available water-quality data collected from 90 wells and 3 springs in the Edwards aquifer near San Antonio, Texas, are presented. The statistical summaries provide information on the range in values for each water-quality constituent as well as the mean value, the standard deviation about the mean; and for those constituents with five or more analyses, the percentage of observations in which values were equal to or less than the specified values are presented.