The Compliance Program performs the EAA’s compliance and enforcement activities. This involves working with Edwards Aquifer well owners, permit holders, and other Aquifer stakeholders to achieve and ensure compliance with the EAA Act and the EAA Rules.

These activities include working with various programs at the EAA in communicating and coordinating activities with all Aquifer stakeholders to help achieve full compliance with the EAA Rules, and when necessary, administering appropriate penalty assessments as specified by the Compromise and Settlement Guidelines of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. This also includes assisting entities and individuals who wish to personally address the Permits/Enforcement Committee or the EAA Board regarding a pending compliance matters with the EAA.

The Compliance Team is dedicated to ensuring a fair and consistent compliance/enforcement process to all Edwards Aquifer stakeholders and to bringing those entities or individuals who have rules violations into compliance with the Act and the EAA Rules. In this effort, the Compliance Program supports the EAA's mission to effectively manage, enhance, and protect the Edwards Aquifer system.


Groundwater Withdrawal Monitoring Reporting Form