Groundwater Conservation Grants

The EAA supports conservation efforts through a grant program that helps users of Edwards groundwater implement projects and practices that help reduce their water use.  Through this grant program, Edwards Aquifer permit holders may apply for and receive funding for qualified conservation projects that result in saved groundwater.  These grants are offered as an incentive for implementing water conservation practices across the EAA’s jurisdictional area.

Since its inception in 2009, this EAA program has awarded more than $800,000 in grants for projects such as leak detection surveys, toilet replacement and plumbing fixture retrofits, meter replacements, education initiatives, and irrigation sprinkler systems and have resulted in an annual savings of 1,400 acre-feet of groundwater annually.

In 2018, the EAA is soliciting applications from irrigation permit holders to cover costs associated with projects that improve irrigation practices.  Several factors will be considered when ranking applications, one factor focusing on farms that utilize inefficient irrigation methods such as flood irrigation.  Applications will be accepted until June 29, 2018 and selected projects will be announced no later than August 2018.  Projects must be completed by December 31, 2018.

If you have any questions about the Conservation Grant program or would like more information as to how to apply, please contact our Conservation Department at (210) 222-2204.

2018 Conservation Grant Application
2018 Groundwater Conservation Grant RFP
2018 Groundwater Conservation Grant Matrix