Legislation & Rules - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Legislation & Rules

The EAA was created in 1993 when the Texas Legislature passed the EAA Act.  The act grants all the powers, rights, and privileges necessary to manage, conserve, preserve and protect the aquifer.

The threat of federal intervention caused the Texas Legislature to create the act. The directives are intended to promote effective management of the Edwards Aquifer leading to the protection of the endangered species dependent on Comal and San Marcos springs.

The act requires the EAA:

  • To issue permits on all wells that do not meet exempt well requirements
  • To limit the total amount of annual water withdrawals to 572,000 acre-feet
  • To have meters on all wells that do not meet exempt well requirements
  • To require drought restrictions that include specific triggers and reduction amounts
  • To have single-member districts for its 15 elected directors
  • To include a built-in interest group to consider the effect of the EAA’s actions on downstream users
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