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What’s in store for the EAA in 2022?

Hear from Roland Ruiz, EAA General Manager, as he recaps 2021 and all that is on the horizon as we begin carrying out the next generation strategic plan of our agency this year.



Karst Learning Lab – Rain Gauge 2

Tune in to this episode of our Karst Learning Lab with Roxanne to learn how to make a rain gauge using supplies you have around your house.



It’s Salamander Saturday

Tune in with Kristy Kollaus, EAA Environmental Scientist, for the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP) as she discusses the threatened San Marcos Salamander and its unique characteristics.



The Falling Raindrop (ASL) by Neil Johnson & Joel Chin

Join in the adventures of a tiny raindrop as it learns to let go of fear and enjoy the ride! Presented in American Sign Language.



Karst Learning Lab (Home Edition): Seltzer Rockets

What do rockets have to do with the aquifer? It’s all about the fizz! See what happens when carbonate minerals react with acid.



EAA Karst Learning Lab: Limestone Testing

Join Sarah Valdez and Jon Cradit as they conduct a limestone testing activity that you can replicate in your classroom or at home!




Splash into these rainy day facts. Take a minute to recharge as you learn about the Edwards Aquifer!



Mariah Bonham | Aquifer Access

Mariah Bonham, Groundwater Protection Coordinator, explains why finding abandoned wells is so important to protecting the Edwards Aquifer.



Roel Loera | Birds of a Feather

Roel Loera, Aquifer Protection Coordinator, as he explains how birds play a big part in land management over the Edwards Aquifer.



Isabel Martinez | Conserve + Protect

Join Isabel Martinez as she explains how conservation takes place in and around the Edwards Aquifer.



Thomas Marsalia | Exploring Ecosystems

Thomas Marsalia, EAA Aquifer Protection Supervisor, shares his knowledge about the EAA’s Easement Program.



Roger Andrade | All about the Edwards Aquifer

Roger Andrade, EAA Groundwater Protection Manager,  discusses some facts about the Edwards Aquifer system and groundwater protection.



Guardians of the Aquifer: Meet the Endangered Beetles

Watch the Comal Springs Riffle Beetle and the Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle move through their underwater habitat.



Jenny Adkins | Facts about the Edwards Aquifer and the Water Cycle

Jenny Adkins-Schudrowitz, EAA Hydrogeologist, discusses some facts about the Edwards Aquifer and the water cycle.



Olivia Ybarra | Facts about the Comal Springs Riffle Beetle

Olivia Ybarra, EAA Habitat Conservation Coordinator for the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP), discusses some facts about the Comal Springs Riffle Beetle.



Kristy Kollaus | Facts about the Texas Blind Salamander

Kristy Kollus, EAA Environmental Scientist for the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP), discusses some facts about the endangered, Texas Blind Salamander.



Ezell’s Cave and The Search for the Blind Monster!

This award winning documentary explores Ezell’s Cave and plunges down into its depths to the Edwards Aquifer in search of the first video footage of the rare Texas Blind Salamander in the wild.



Drop Inside the Edwards Aquifer

“Drop Inside the Edwards Aquifer” and explore an unfamiliar world hidden deep beneath the earth’s surface as computer animation, video footage, and still photography reveal the mysteries of our fascinating aquifer system.



What does the EAA have in store for 2020?

EAA General Manager, Roland Ruiz, highlights some notable 2019 accomplishments, and offers a preview of an exciting 2020 agenda.



Edible Aquifer Activity

Genevieve and William make an aquifer in a cup to visually represent the Edwards Aquifer System.



EAA Karst Learning Lab: Aquifer Adventures

Sarah, John, and Tara take you on a mini aquifer adventure to learn how water travels through the Edwards Aquifer System.



2018, 2019 and beyond at the EAA | Roland Ruiz, EAA General Manager

Roland Ruiz, EAA General Manager, offers his perspective on the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) as he reflects on how far the agency has come –  from the establishment of the EAA to the agency’s efforts and accomplishments in 2018 – and where the EAA is heading in 2019 and beyond.



How the Aquifer Works

Brent Doty, our Senior Education Coordinator, presents the Edwards Aquifer 3D Groundwater Model, plus features



Discovering the Edwards Aquifer: The Texas Blind Salamander

The Texas Blind Salamander is of considerable scientific interest due to its uniqueness─its only known habitat is the Edwards Aquifer in the San Marcos area. The Texas Blind Salamander is listed as endangered by USFWS and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
Copyright: Lee Smith, TPWD.



Edwards Aquifer: Take One

A film about the Edwards Aquifer for high school students, produced by high school students. From Say Si Media Arts and the EAA.

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