MWBE Program

A Commitment to Community

The Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) is committed to increasing the qualifications, capabilities, and opportunities to involve Minority and/or Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) in all EAA related contracting and procurement opportunities.

The EAA shall promote and provide equitable business opportunities to all bidders, proposers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and sub-consultants, to include vendors in connection with contracting and procurement opportunities arising through the EAA and/or its prime contractors or vendors.

The EAA, as a matter of principle and law, has adopted a M/WBE contracting policy to affirm its non-discrimination position in the contracting and procurement areas. The EAA, its bidders, proposers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and sub-consultants shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or handicap in the award or performance of EAA contracts, subcontracts, and procurements.

Through this policy the EAA seeks to create a business environment that encourages and facilitates the full participation of all individuals, particularly those groups that encounter disparities, such as minorities and women, in all phases of the EAA’s contracting and procurement activities. The purpose and objectives of this policy are as follows:

  1. To ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of EAA-related contracts and procurements to all bidders, proposers, and vendors and by EAA contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and sub-consultants.
  2. To promote efforts, approaches, and initiatives that will foster more effective participation by minority and women-owned businesses and enhance their competitiveness and qualifications, thus affording a full and fair opportunity to compete on the EAA’s contracting and procurement opportunities.
  3. To more effectively outreach and promote the EAA’s business opportunities to minority and women-owned firms.

The EAA’s policy, initiatives, and requirements regarding M/WBE are incorporated into EAA solicitations. A copy of the complete M/WBE Program Policy may be found here.In order to establish or affirm the EAA’s commitment directed at increasing the participation and overall involvement by M/WBE firms, the EAA has established an overall M/WBE goal, which also serves as a valuable standard for determining the effectiveness of the program.

Overall M/WBE Goal – 30%

The EAA is also committed to assisting in the identification of qualified M/WBE to bid or propose on EAA projects. All M/WBE are urged to confirm their certification status through the applicable EAA approved certification process. More detailed information is provided at the SCTRCA.

The EAA employs an outreach strategy to inform, disseminate and solicit M/WBE participation in the EAA’s contracting and procurement opportunities. Technical assistance in increasing M/WBE qualifications, capabilities and performance are also part of our outreach strategy. The EAA may direct the vendor/contractor to workshops, surety and financial support programs, small contractor development programs, and certification workshops as offered and needed.

If you are an M/WBE and need further assistance or wish to contact our office, please call our Procurement Specialist at (210) 222-2204, or you can contact us at


The Authority’s M/WBE initiative welcomes your interest and solicits your participation!

US Small Business Administration - District 2016 Women Small Business Champion of the Year – Isa Fernandez, Edwards Aquifer Authority