Service Level Agreement - GIS - Edwards Aquifer Authority
Service Level Agreement - GIS

Service Level Agreement - GIS

Aquifer Protection Team


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

GIS Map Request (Map Creation)*

When requesting a map for any purpose, the requester can expect a PDF and/or hard copy file delivered on a specified page size.   The map will be delivered on a predefined template with all appropriate map elements (scale, north arrow, date, legend, document path, EAA logo etc.) and with predefined symbology specific to the type of map i.e., streams, roads, aquifer zones, or surface geology.

Web Map Request

Request to update features and/or layouts of web feature services, maps and apps. The requester will be required to specify the type of change or provide detailed information/field notes on changes. Initially, hard copy field notes will be sufficient. Once wholesale updates have been performed and web services are considered, current changes will be provided by a link attached to the Help Desk request.


This refers to corrections or changes to maps that have been created under the “GIS Map and Web Map” request types and the initial request ticket has been closed. They will include but not be limited to; text edits, symbology, map elements etc. It will also include changes made to feature classes on the administrative level either in attribution (changing information associated with a spatial feature) or specific feature editing (changing the location of a feature).

Collector for ArcGIS/ Field Data Collection Integration

Quality assurance and quality control requests shall be made by people who have made edits to a set of observations (usually from Collector for ArcGIS) and need to have the changes pushed through to the master geodatabase by a qualified staff person.  Once complete, the changes will be indicated as such by the naming scheme, “Observations_mmddyy” in the master geodatabase. QA/QC procedures will be documented in a GIS SOP to be created at a later date.

*Map creation times can vary depending on the type of map and the intended message. If, for instance, a request requires displaying data that exists on another map but simply in another area of the city, this can generally be accommodated quickly (3 business days)**. If, however, the map is visualizing a specific type of data that has not yet been created or analysis that has not yet been performed, the results could take much longer. Please try to account for this when scheduling Map Creation requests.

**GIS staff will always complete requests in a timely manner. However, please be aware that special projects and current workload will always play a role in completion of requests. GIS will openly communicate with the requester about current workload.

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