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Download Our Meter App

To better assist permit holders to accurately record their monthly and annual use and to help in meeting reporting requirements, the EAA has developed Meter Matters, a smartphone application (app) for both iPhone and Android. The app allows permit holders to record meter readings and instantly report them to the EAA. The app is free and easy to use. When the app is used to report a meter reading during the year, EAA staff can measure that reading against the start-of-year reading and calculate how much water has been pumped year-to-date. This information allows permit holders to better monitor and manage their use throughout the year. In addition, EAA staff will use meter readings submitted through the app to populate annual use reports. Permit holders may use the app to fulfill reporting requirements.

Once the app has been added to your smart phone, you can:

  • Add a meter using the meter serial number (the same number the meter is registered under with the EAA).
  • Report a meter reading to the EAA.
  • Manage the meters you’ve added to your phone. (A name can be assigned to each meter for easy reference.)
  • See a history of meter reading submissions. (When EAA staff processes each submission, app users will be able to see how much water has been pumped through the meter year-to-date.)

To report a meter reading with the app:

  • Select the meter you which to report.
  • Enter the meter reading from the meter register.
  • Snap a picture of the meter register with your smartphone camera.
  • Submit and confirm the meter reading.

EAA staff will process submissions and indicate how much water has been pumped year-to-date.

EAA staff is interested in your experiences and welcomes feedback. Please contact us via email or call our field inspection supervisor, Jose Barela, at (210) 222-2204 or toll free at (800) 292-1047.

Meters Matter

With the Meter Matters app, you can:

Add a meter using the Meter Serial Number – the same number you registered with us

Report a Meter Reading

Manage the meters you've added to your phone

Add as many meters as you need and assign nicknames for easy reference

See a history of your meter reading submissions