Implementing Committee - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Implementing Committee

The Implementing Committee consists of five voting members and one non-voting member, each appointed by their respective entity. The Implementing Committee functions consistent with approved Operational Rules and Procedures and with the Parliamentary Rules of Conduct adopted by the Committee.

The Implementing Committee members for 2022 are:

Chair: Robert Mace
Deputy Executive Director – Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Texas State University
Alternate: Kimberly Meitzen

Vice-Chair: Donovan Burton
VP Water Resources & Governmental Relations
San Antonio Water System
Alternate: Patrick Shriver

Secretary: Tom Taggart
City of San Marcos
Alternate: Melani Howard

Mark Enders
Watershed Program Manager
City of New Braunfels
Alternate: Phillip Quast

Roland Ruiz
General Manager
Edwards Aquifer Authority
Alternate: Brock Curry

Chad Norris
Deputy Executive Manager of Environmental Science and Community Affairs
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Alternate: Nathan Pence

In a continued response to Covid-19, the EAA & EAC will remain working in a telecommuting manner until further notice.
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