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Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is required to have their meters tested/calibrated?
A:  Municipal and Industrial users authorized to withdraw 28 acre-feet or more annually are required to have their meters tested for accuracy.

Q: How often must meters be tested?
A: According to EAA rules (PDF), accuracy verification tests for meters should occur every four years after meter installation.

Q: Do I have to provide proof of my accuracy verification testing?  
A: Permit holders should provide proof of accuracy verification (invoice, certificate, etc.) to EAA staff if requested. The EAA highly encourages permit holders (Municipal & Industrial) to submit notification of the results once the testing has been completed.
Q: How will I know if I need to perform a meter accuracy test on my meter(s)?  
A: A reminder card or correspondence letter will be mailed out to each permit holder before his or her meter verification is due.

For more information, call the E Meter Team at (210) 222-2204 or (800) 292-1047 or via email.

Meter Accuracy Verification

EAA permit holders authorized to withdraw more than 28 acre-feet of groundwater annually are required to perform an accuracy verification on their meter(s). Any meter not achieving a certified (+/-) 5% error rate cannot be used and must be either repaired, replaced or calibrated.

Tamper Detection Devices

The tamper detection devices used by the EAA consist of a simple thin wire or cable measuring from 13”- 39” in length. These cables contain a barcode and are numbered for tracking purposes. In some situations, the configuration your meter installation may require the use of a different form of tamper detection device to accommodate your meter(s).  As outlined in the EAA rules (PDF), tamper detection devices “may not hinder the day-to-day maintenance or emergency repairs of the pipe upon which the meter is installed and shall be consistent with state and federal regulations.” If a permit holder encounters an issue with a meter, they may remove the device. If such action is required, the permit holder should immediately contact the EAA Meter Team and report the incident.

The EAA Board Meeting will take place on June 11, 2024 at 1pm.
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