Rader Gilleland

Term Expires December 2026

Rader Gilleland is a member of the Edwards Aquifer Authority Board of Directors, representing District 15, which covers the eastern half of Uvalde County. Mr. Gilleland was first appointed to the board of directors in September 2013 to fill a vacancy, and his term of office expires December 1, 2022.

Gary Middleton

Term Expires December 2024

A businessman and former mayor of Victoria, Gary Middleton has a long history of involvement with water issues.

Currently chairman of the South-Central Texas Water Advisory Committee, he was appointed to the EAA board in 2015. His term expires in 2020.

Originally from Killeen, Middleton has lived in Victoria for about 40 years. He was in the outdoor advertising business for many years and served as a city councilman and as mayor.

As a public servant in a downstream community, Middleton was aware of the importance of the issue of springflow.

“It’s important to us that spring flow be maintained to the extent possible so that we can continue to use the Guadalupe River as one of our base sources of water,” he said.
As a member of the EAA, he is a strong supporter of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan.

“I never saw myself as an environmentalist and still don’t,” he said. “But the necessity to maintain all those critters at the springs certainly is a driving force for us having water in Victoria. You can’t have one without the other.”

Middleton also serves on the board of the South-Central Texas Water Planning Group, Region L.

Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander is the current Superintendent of East Medina County Special
Utility District providing drinking water to more than 3,500 connections spread out
over 250 square miles of southeast Medina County.
Alexander has more than 40 years of experience operating a public water system in
Medina County. He retired as the Director of Public Works for the City of Castroville
before joining East Medina in 2008 as their Superintendent.
Alexander is the current President of the Texas Rural Water Association representing
more than 900 rural water systems in the State of Texas. He also is an EAA appointed
member of the EAHCP Committee representing all municipal initial regular permit
holders west of Bexar County as well as a member of the SAWS ASR Regional
Advisory Committee.