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The Importance of Imperviousness

Author: Schueler, T.R.
Year: 2000
Document Number: 1256
HCP EIS Reference: Schueler, T.R. 2000. The importance of imperviousness. Watershed Protection Techniques. 1(3): 100�111, in: The Practice of Watershed Protection, T.R. Schueler and H.K. Holland, eds. Center for Watershed Protection. Elliott City, Maryland.
Pages: 12
Citation Name: Schueler 2000
Publisher Citation: Reprinted from Watershed Protection Techniques 1(3): 100�111, In: T.R. Schueler and H.K. Holland (Eds). The Practice of Watershed Protection. Elliott City, Maryland: Center for Watershed Protection, pp 1-12.
Location: General
File: 2000_Schueler_Imperviousness.pdf
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