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Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest

Author: Booth DB, Karr JR, Schauman S, Konrad KP, Morley SA, Larson MG, Henshaw PC, Nelson EJ and Burges SJ
Year: 2001
Document Number: 1039
HCP EIS Reference: Booth, D.B., J.R. Karr, S. Schauman, C.P. Konrad, S.A. Morley, M.G. Larson, P.C. Henshaw, E.J. Nelson, and S.J. Burges. 2001. Urban stream rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest: final report of EPA Grant no. R82-5284- 010. Center for Urban Water Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
Pages: 79
Citation Name: Booth et al 2001
Publisher Citation: University of Washington
Publisher Report Number: EPA Grant Number R82-5284-010
Location: US Pacific Northwest, Washington State, Puget Lowland
File: 2001_Booth-etal_StreamRehabilitation.pdf
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